How to fix W3C CSS3 validation errors for box-shadow?

Now a days so many people wants their website HTML and CSS bugs/error  free ,. So they test website by submitting  to major W3C validation website for finding  the errors, Anyway here i am explaining how to get rid of  from the issue.. box- shadow errors. Well we have other W3C errors too, but i will explain in my next post.

Just like others i also develop websites in better manner with latest web techniques like CSS3 and HTML 5 but when i test my website i always face more errors with CSS compared to HTML and the one of my most disturbing error is with box-shadow because i love developing websites with shadow effects rather than using Photoshop techniques ,as i always want my developed website load quickly. So whenever  we  need use box shadow effect its better to use like below,

box-shadow:0px  5px 5px  #eee;

in place of,
-moz-box-shadow: 0px  5px 5px  #eee;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0px  5px 5px  #eee;

Comments are welcome for this posts and also if you have any doubts, thanks for reading my post.