Brief description of Ajax

Ajax is Asynchronous process with combination of JavaScript and Xml. It is a magical tool because the process is done within seconds. The main reason for using Ajax is to avoid burden on server. Hence it is a major rule for every programmer and web designer. The main difference between normal page and a page with Ajax come to real time is, in normal the whole page is loaded when action is called, where as in Ajax page particular section is loaded not a whole page.

How to connect a database in Php

                    Connecting the database in Php plays an important role. As I already mentioned in my previous article called introduction to php that connecting database comes under the categories of Dynamic. Mean while these connections are performed in two ways and the first one with example is as follows:-


what is Traffic

                    As you know how a traffic is important for a website. Through traffic only a website becomes most popular in the same time your site status/ your business also improved. Mean while here I am explaining about Traffic and I am shore in my next post I will bring you lot of directories, links, search engines, techniques and much more that helps for increasing a traffic for a Website.

                    Here I am explaining some important points that is minimum need for a website to increase traffic. When ever a site is completed the first point is you have to Index your website to Google, because

Important links of Php for developing a website

                   As I all ready explained in my previous posts that about Php. Here again I came for you with few points that helps you developing a complete/perfect website in Php. The basic points here I am concentrating that as follows:-

1. What is the best editor for developing a Php website?
2. What are the important links for developing a Php web site?
3. How to search in Search Engines for particular codes or something else to get the solutions?