Why to choose Php

                    In those days as you see so many platforms are available such as Java, Asp.Net and so on... for developing a site or for software. Meanwhile each platform has its own capability and a particular weight, Then our question is why to choose Php, and the answer is very simple. Php is a type of platform that is mostly relevant for making websites in easy manner. You people can ask website design is also possible in Asp.net then why to choose Php, as it is true on both the sides meanwhile when you come to Asp.net all most all the sites are dynamic sites. Up to the mostly website designing is similar to Php, but when time of launching they have to purchase a software, which is very expensive in the result the projects made in Asp.Net is very

Source Code for Paginations in Php

                    Here again I am introducing one of the important code called Source Code for Paginations in Php. Before discussing about Source Code for Paginations in Php, Here we have to know first what Paginations is so that we can understand clearly about this code.

                    Ok, here I am discussing with small example when you guys go the search engines called Google, Yahoo or some thing else you type some matter in that box and when you click the search button

Example for pagination in Php

                   As I already mentioned the code in my topics called Codings. For more details about paginations visit Source code for paginations in Php in this Blog. Mean while here I am introducing an Example for pagination in Php with a small topic taken from my past project page. Change the table name, no. of pages display for each page, database connection name and so on…

                   Hence here is your code for pagination in Php with example i.e. is as follows written in two steps:-

Example for contact in Php

                    As I already mention the source code in a categorie called Codings, Here I am displaying the entire page that how it looks like in coding page who not understand there meanwhile you simply copy the code and paste in your page and make changes where I am written text as "YOUR COMPANY NAME","MAILID" and so on. I have confident you guys definitely understood and the source code as follows copy and paste presented below two steps-


Php source codes for Contact

                    In those days as you observer when you click "contact navigator" definitely a page will be opened, in that page you will see a form with some labels, textboxes and so on...with mentioning you to,
Enter your email id.
Enter your name.
Enter your contact no.
Select the time and so on…

Designing Tips in Php

                    Designing Tips in Php are the tips which make your page in a simple and stylish manner. The person who is interested in designing he must start with his career with html. Html is a foundation for Php and for form designing. Through html the structure is made, but for stylish look we use CSS, CSS means Cascading Style Sheets, Hence these CSS are used in .net and other platforms too, Thus CSS plays a wonderful role in so many platforms. Meanwhile when come to Php these CSS are written between the style tags under the head tags and the syntax is as follows:-

Validations in Php for a Checkbox

                   Validations in Php for Checkbox here why I am specifying the particular word because my friends ask me it is not possible as you given validation is not running if the more than 2 or 3 checkboxes are used in a form. Hence it is simple as I already tried when I am doing my assignments in html before I am learning the Php. Mean while the code as follows ,hopes it will helpful for you.

Validations in Php

                   Validations in Php plays an important role just like validations in Asp and other different platforms.

                    Validations in Php can be applied in two manners first one is writing the validation function for particular textbox or checkbox or whatever it may the content under the form i.e. is

Introduction to Php

                    In those days the word Php reaching to the peak levels if compare with other platforms. Php becomes a big competitors for all, even for a Microsoft's Asp and so on.., Hence it is an alternative for all the platforms and its syntax is much similar to 'C' and Perl.

                    So, what is Php? Some people called Php as Personal Home Page, but technical word for Php is Hypertext Pre Processor. Php is a server side scripting language just like Asp. Obviously the scripts are

Example for checkbox with commands INSERT and UPDATE in Php

                    Single page project related to checkbox with commands INSERT and UPDATE.

                   Actually this page was taken from my already done a top SCHOOL management project. The basic idea behind this is as follows:-

1. Storing all the data in a remote server not in local server means maintaining the data in an online database so that admin can use the data from anywhere from his location.


UPDATE In Mysql w.r.t Php:-

                    UPDATE command in Mysql plays an important role. As we know that we use Xampp in our system for various purposes such as for browsing in localhost, for database point of view we go through http://localhost/phpmyadmin for the use of database as generation/creations/modifying /deleting….. of commands.

Sum of the checkbox values at each time select the checkbox. in Php

                    Sum of the checkbox values are basically classified into two types.

1. As direct sum of the no. of checkboxes.
2. As sum of the checkboxes at each time select the checkbox values.

Briefly On As sum of the checkboxes at each time select the checkbox values.

As direct sum of the no. of checkboxes/checkbox values. in Php

                   Sum of the checkbox values are basically classified into two types.

1. As direct sum of the no. of checkboxes.
2. As sum of the checkboxes at each time select the checkbox values.

Briefly on,
1.As direct sum of the no. of checkboxes.

Mysql commands in Php

Mysql Commands

Just like a Sql, Mysql commands also same that means there command are also same. No worry about queries all are almost as it is I hope these notes help for beginners and the people who have doubts related to Mysql commands, Hence Mysql are mostly used in Php, And here I Concentrate on Php related coding only.

Basic commands seen in Mysql are as follows w.r.t to Php Mysql: