SEO for beginners

SEO for beginners this post  must be read by those peoples who are new to internet marketing. Basically the term SEO means Search Engine Optimization which include with different web tactics, commonly these SEO classified into two types.
  1. On Page Seo.
  2. Off Page Seo.
A thing that you people observe in this post, that i am just giving introduction about SEO, i want to explain each and every part of seo with different posts so that you people can understand clearly. Mean while in On Page Seo work we handle meta tags, content writing, image optimization, anchor tags, head tags and so on..

Where as in Off Page Seo, we deal with back links by performing work on off side of the page.It's true that in Off Page Seo we do directories submission, social bookmarking, wikis, comment posting, link exchange with reciprocal, press release, involving in forums and important one article submissions and so on.. Behalf of this we have two more techniques,
  1. White hat techniques.
  2. Black hat techniques
that mostly SEO gurus using to beat out the competitor in the in the internet market. But its safe to use White hat techniques always rather than Black hat techniques.Today one of the back link methodology that mostly people following to get quick back links i.e. Angela and Paul style actually they are two but there work is quite similar.Behalf of this i don't want confuse you guys, So don't miss my next some of the posts i want to discuss about SERP concepts, algorithms, back linking, about meta tags and so on..

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